VR Station

Become what you've always wanted to and do what you've always dreamed of. Inside our VR Stations you have infinite possibilities. Enter virtual worlds with your friends  where limits no longer exist.

Explore worlds and environments without limits

Artificial movement with teleportation

More than 40 experiences and games of all types

Starting from 6 years
1-8 players
From 10
10-90 minutes

VR Lasertag Arena

World News! Transfinity is the first location in Europe to offer LaserTag 2.0 in virtual reality. During a super dynamic game against your friends you will see why LaserTag in virtual reality will become the new standard in the world of Laser Games.

VR LaserTag offering unique possibilities

Super dynamic and competitive activity

Large Arena of 100m² with free movement

Starting from 10 years
2-4 players
From 15
5-30 minutes


Experience virtual reality with maximum freedom in a SUPER PREMIUM quality experience that you can find in few places around the world. With your team of 2 to 3 players, you can choose between Escape Games, Survival of a Zombie invasion, Horror style adventures or a great shooter game suitable for the whole family.

Move freely in a large Arena

Latest generation wireless VR system

Live a Premium VR experience available only in a few places around the world

Starting from 12 years
2-3 players
From 15
15-70 minutes

Ubisoft Escape Games

The award-winning experiences from Ubisoft, Escape the Lost Pyramid and Beyond Medusa's Gate will make you experience exciting emotions in the worlds of Assassin's Creed Origins and Assassin'sCreed Odyssey.

Immersive ambients

Artificial movement with teleport

Suitable for all ages

Starting from 12 years
2 or 4 players
Starting from 39
60-120 minutes

Sim Racing

Challenge your friends in a race at maximum speed and feel the adrenaline rush through your body! Thanks to the combination of virtual reality and the brand new motion simulators you can experience the feeling of being a true racing driver. Race training or just for fun, at Transfinity you can choose!

More than 40 circuits and 60 cars at your disposal

Latest generation racing simulator

Ideal for beginners and professionals

Starting from 12 years
1-4 players
From 8
5-60 minutes

Keep Talking Escape Game

You are alone in a room with a bomb. Your friends have the manual needed to defuse it. But there is a problem (!)- they can't see the bomb, so everyone will have to talk about it - quickly! Test your puzzle solving and communication skills so you don't detonate the bomb!

Winner of the "Best Social Experience" award

Innovative experience for Team Building

Exciting multi-player for up to 6 people

12 years old
2-6 players
From 10
30-90 min

Vertigo Walk

Test your courage with our famous Vertigo Walk. Take the elevator up more than a hundred meters and walk on a narrow wooden plank suspended in the air. Are you going to be part of the 20% of people who can't even put a foot on the plank or the 80% who’s legs "slightly" shake?

Extremely intense and realistic experience

Hyper Reality experience - feel what you see

Seeing the reactions of friends is a good laugh.

Starting from 6 years
1 player
From 5
5-24 minutes

Ghost Town Mine Ride

The miner's cart is ready and the gun loaded; are you ready to face zombies, skeletons, giant insects and the collapse of an abandoned and haunted mine? Then get on board and start your mission!

Hyper Reality experience - feel what you see

Attraction unique to Transfinity

Wind effect and vibration of the miner's cart

Starting from 8 years
1 player
From 8
8-35 minutes

Flight Rider - XD Cinema

Have you ever tried a 4D cinema? Forget everything and get on board our Flight Rider to live a multisensory experience that is second to none! Dynamic movement and 4D effects such as wind, water, snow, smoke, etc. guaranteed immersion of all the senses.

Award-winning dynamic 4D / XD cinema

6-axis freedom of movement and 12 special effects

Innovative and award-winning 3D system

Starting from 6 years
1-6 players
From 6
5 minutes

Tour Packages

Tour Packages are the perfect solution for those who have never been to Transfinity and want a taste of the different attractions.

Perfect for the first time

Perfect for birthdays

Perfect for a gift

Starting from 6 years
1-8 players
From 29
60-180 minutes