Racing Simulator

From CHF 8.-

Try our Racing Simulator, the most exciting racing simulator for virtual reality on a movement platform that you have ever driven!

1-6 players

Minimum age: 12 years

8-60 minutes

From chf 8.-

Choose your car, choose your track and start your race!


Project Cars

One of the best racing simulator games. Even better if you use the virtual reality headset seated in a seat that vibrates and moves like crazy on every curve!


By yourself or against competitiors

You can race by yourself and try for your best time racing against competitors chosen in the game or challenge your friend. It’s up to you if you want to race fairly or throw him out at the first opportunity.


Ready for the tournament?

Do you feel like a great racing driver? Want to win great prizes? Then take part in our tournaments. Every month a new track and a new category of cars. Challenge yourself to improve your time or beat the No. 1 in the standings and show them how to really drive!

1 in 10 cant face it; 8 su 10 are terrified.
How do you think you will react?