Vertigo Walk

From CHF 5.-

Have you ever asked yourself what it would be like to walk on a plank of wood suspended 180m in mid-air?
Try our Vertigo Walk and find out!

1 player

Minimum age: 6 years

About 5 minutes

From chf 5.-

“Nooo I cant do it!”

“It didn’t seem so high”

“Are you kidding me? Like hell will I do it….”

You? What excuse will you come up with?


Only if you don't have a fear of heights

Have you ever tried walking on a plank of wood suspended 180m in mid-air? With helicopters flying close by, vibration under your feet and the wind that makes it all more difficult?


Push the button and start

Put on the VR headset, step into the elevator, press the button and when the door opens, take the first step. Your reactions could be like this!


If the Classic is not enough

Maybe for you, the Classic version is a walk in the park; but don’t worry, we have something for a daredevil like you. If you think you are really ready we have created the Vertigo Walk Extreme!

Two levels, for those who can’t get enough


Walk on a plank of wood suspended 180m in mid-air


Venti livelli, sempre più difficili, sempre più estremi

Its time to get your feet back on solid ground, or better still go underground.
Enter into the haunted mine on a mine cart, grab the pistol and shoot!