Bachelor and Bachelorette Party

Give the future bride or groom a unique surprise
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What great friends you are! 😱

Imagine the scene – the future bride or groom arrives blindfolded, put on their headset and send them up in the elevator. When they open their eyes they will find themselves 180m in the air. How do you think they will react? Will you still be invited to the wedding after this prank?
This is the Vertigo Walk – the perfect surprise to boost the adrenaline levels sky high!

Group activity after the scare

Play in the VR stations

In our VR Stations up to 6 people can play in the same game at the same time. Defend a village against an invasion of orcs, war games or silly and fun games – you have the choice of around 40 games of all types.

A bit of speed…

Drive a racing car before you get drunk 😵

Now you are ready to drive. GT3, Formula 1, prototypes, more than 150 cars and a ton of circuits. Put on the virtual reality headset, grab the steering wheel and drive!

A bit of fear 👻

If speed is not your thing

Take a spin in our haunted mine. A torch, a pistol and a mine cart that moves slowly – sometimes too slow – along the old rail tracks.

Finish the experience with one of our films in the XD Cinema.

Films that are not only to watch but experience in first person! Movement, vibration and atmospheric effects. A final adrenaline rush!

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