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Team building activities with virtual reality in Ticino

Transfinity VR Arcade is a new location to organize team building or corporate events in Ticino.
It is 2019, the future is already here, and team-building activities have evolved. Organizing a corporate event to strengthen the team spirit of your employees requires the search for new and original locations. Lugano’s Transfinity Virtual Reality Arcade is an excellent alternative to classic team building activities. Whether your location is in Ticino, Lugano, Bellinzona, Chiasso or Mendrisio or in northern Italy, Como, Varese or Milan, try a new, original activity that has already been tested by important companies.
Virtual reality makes it possible to strengthen the team spirit of employees thanks to collaborative activities. The games and activities based on virtual reality allow you to increase the team spirit of your collaborators, help to identify the leaders and the followers and dissolves the tensions that accumulate during working hours.
Once the virtual reality visor is put on, team building will no longer seem a chore, it will be immediately perceived as a game and the corporate event, often considered as a forced duty, will be much appreciated.

Something different for your corporate event

Transfinity is the first arcade in Switzerland dedicated to virtual reality and one of the first in Europe. It is a reference point for companies both in Ticino and Northern Italy. It is the perfect location to organise fun and team building corporate events.

Catering, cocktails and dinners

Thanks to the collaboration of the restaurant / pizzeria Citybiliardo, located on the lower floor, it is possible to organize cocktails, dinners or catering, Christmas dinners, …

For more information you can contact the restaurant directly by calling 0041 91 940 25 37 or by writing to [email protected]

Examples of group activities for team building

Imagine a small group of colleagues who must defend a village from the invasion of orcs, zombies or enemies of various kinds ; . It may seem a ridiculous activity that doesn’t lend itself to forming group spirit , but thanks to the total immersion in the virtual world and the playful atmosphere, group spirit will soon come out . The beauty of virtual reality is just that: in a few seconds, literally, one forgets that one is participating in a business activity and will show their true personality. For more information or to arrange a visit to our center contact us No obligation.

For Large or Small Groups

Whether the group is 5 or 50 people there is room at Transfinity.
Whether you are interested in a purely fun business event or team building lead by professionals, you can do it at Transfinity.

The 8 VR Stations allow 8 people at the same time to play collaborative games that develop team spirit.

The XD Cinema allows you to share exciting and fun adventures with 6 people at a time.

The Vertigo Walk is the perfect activity to create empathy and mutual help among colleagues.

Information and site inspection

Ask us for an obligation free offer and book the arcade early. We would be happy to show you our center and give you an idea of the activities that you and your team can expect.