Birthday parties

A new and unique way to celebrate birthdays in Ticino

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Why celebrate at Transfinity?

An unforgettable birthday

An unforgettable birthday

Your child will remember this super party for a long time. Excitement, fun and technology. Make him happy!




A birthday out of the ordinary

Enough of the usual activities, organise something completely new. Virtual reality is the future present of birthday parties.


Not just for kids

At Transfinity even the adults can have a birthday party. The only difference is that we will not hold the adult’s hand during the Vertigo Walk.


Packages and Prices


The best way to celebrate a birthday at Transfinity is to choose one of our packages or our Maxi Party (VIP event).

Tour Package S


20 minutes of play in the VR Station
Stroll along the Vertigo Walk
3 films in the XD Cinema
Duration: 45/50 minutes

Tour Package M

 30 minutes of play in the VR Station
Stroll along the Vertigo Walk
2 films in the XD Cinema

Time: 50/55 minutes

Il più scelto
Tour Package L
Età minima 12 anni

30 minutes of play in the VR Station
Stroll along the Vertigo Walk
1 film in the XD Cinema
1 Racing simulator or
1 trip through the Ghost Town Mine Ride

Time: 75/90 minutes

Tour Package XL
Età minima 12 anni

60 minutes of play in the VR Station
Stroll along the Vertigo Walk
1 film in the XD Cinema
1 Racing simulator
1 trip through the Ghost Town Mine Ride

Time: 90/120 minutes

10% discount on our packages for 15 or more people

Maxi Party
L’area Party zone riservata a uso esclusivo
Utilizzo esclusivo dell’area Party Zone
Membri extra dello staff per farvi
sfruttare al massimo l’offerta

Per più info contattaci e ti aiuteremo a scegliere la soluzione più adatta a te


Option 1: Print them at home

We have thought to help you by creating invitations that you can send to the guests.

Option 2: Pick up your invitations from Transfinity

If you prefer that the invitations are printed on stronger paper we will take care of it for you. We will print them and you can collect them at Transfinity.


Is it possible to organise a birthday party at Transfinity?

Of course – we often have birthday parties at Transfinity.

How much in advance should I book?

As soon as possible – even one or two months in advance.

From what age can they celebrate their birthday at Transfinity?

From 6 years old.

What is the maximum number of people I can invite?

There is no maximum number, we have had events with 60 people and birthdays with 15/20 people is normal.

How is the birthday organised?

Once everyone arrives we give a short instructive presentation and then we will supervise the host and his guests during the whole party. Depending on the number of guests and the package chosen we will organise the party so that as many as possible get to play a multiplayer game suitable for their age. We also let the others have fun on the other attractions.

What proposals do you have for kids and teens?

Depending on the age of the participants and the budget available we will offer a choice from our available attractions and packages.

What is the best idea for a successful birthday party?

For participants from 11/12 years and adults

The most popular package is our Transfinity Tour L. It is 34.50 per person

For kids under 11 years old

We suggest our Transfinity Tour S or Transfinity Tour M. It is 29.- or 31.50 per person.

Private birthday party

If you want a private birthday party in our Party Zone, we suggest our Maxi Party

On a Budget?

Let us know what your budget is, how many guests and their age.

Will there be other people in Transfinity during the birthday party?

If the number of guests at the party does not allow us to rent out the VR Stations to other customers there will be nobody else using the VR Stations. But there could be other customers using the attractions that we do not take bookings for (Vertigo Walk, XD Cinema, Racing Simulator, Ghost Town Mine Ride)

What can I do to avoid having other clients present during the party?

Book a Maxi Party! Our Maxi Party allows you to reserve the Party Zone  for your exclusive use. The cost is 425.- per hour and offers: unlimited films in the XD Cinema, unlimited races on the simulator, as many attempts on the Vertigo Walk as you wish, in all versions, any game you wish in the VR Stations, in other words, you can do whatever the arcade offers.
The Maxi Party is perfect for birthday parties, groups of friends/colleagues or anyone that wants to have fun privately, in fact during the Maxi Party the arcade is booked for your exclusive use and other customers need to wait until the end of the event.

Recommended duration of a Maxi Party?

The duration should be based on the number of guests to allow everyone to enjoy all of the attractions and make the most of the event.

1 hour
suggested for groups of maximum 10 people

1.5 hours
suggested for groups of maximum 15 people

2 hours
suggested for groups of 20/25 people

3 hours
suggested for groups of 25/35 people

4 hours
suggested for groups of more than 40 people.

Do you offer a discount?

Yes, we offer a discount of 10% off our packages for groups of 15 people or more.

Can we bring a birthday cake?

Yes, you can but you will need to buy all the drinks from the connected bar City Biliardo.

Do you organise catering or group dinners?

Yes, although not us directly but the restaurant City Biliardo that is found on the ground floor of the building. We ask that you contact them directly by telephone +41 91 940 25 37 or by email at [email protected]

Is it possible to organise a party outside of regular opening hours?

Yes, for more information you can contact us.

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