Transfinity VR Lugano is the first gaming hub in Switzerland dedicated to virtual reality

Viktorija M. Avatar
Viktorija M.

Bellissima nuova esperienza!!! Da oggi un poi almeno una volta al mese saremo li a giocare🤗 chissà tra 20 anni com è sarà il VR

Mark H. Avatar
Mark H.

Ein unglaubliches Erlebnis. Ich habe mich immer wieder gefragt wozu man VR Brillen wirklich gebrauchen kann. Hier macht das absolut Sinn. Sehr realistische und geniale Umsetzung von Videospielen. Da hat zocken nochmal eine ganz andere Bedeutung.

Gimbo L. Avatar
Gimbo L.

Posto molto carino, cose molto particolari, ci si diverte do sicuro.


Continuate così è portate cose nuove Che sicuramente ci tornerò

Michele P. Avatar
Michele P.

positive review  Spettacolare

Abbiamo preso il "Tour Package M" per nostro figlio, tra Angry birds e altri giochi la mezzora è volata.

La camminata sulla trave, bellissima, abbiamo dovuto provarla anche noi, ciliegina sulla torta il cinema in 4D o anche 5...mai pensato che la muraglia cinese potesse essere così divertente.

Un grazie mille a Luca che ci ha accompagnato durante tutta la serata.

Nikita S. Avatar
Nikita S.

positive review  Ragazzi e stata la prima volta da voi, ero interessato solo al drive sim, ed è stato"POWER "!!! Cordialissimi e professionali, ci tornerò sicuro la prossima volta che passo dal Ticino!

Gloria R. Avatar
Gloria R.

Molto carino e interessante! Gare in automobili con VR fatte molto bene ma forte nausea dopo un po’! VR Station con vari giochi molto belle e divertenti!

Al Transfinity puoi giocare con la realtà virtuale

 Try our V-Arena where you and your friends can experience a fantastic adventure in one of our virtual escape rooms.

Discover the V-Arena

You can play in one of the VR Stations, or that is the game rooms where you put on the headset, grab the controllers and enter into an amazing world. Here you can choose from over 40 virtual reality games, some single player and others multiplayer.

Discover the VR Station

You can drive a racing simulator on a movement platform.

After you have chosen the circuit and car, put on the headset, grab the steering wheel, wait for the green light and…! Challenge yourself or a friend, participate in the championship and win more turns on the track.

Discover the Racing Simulator

You can walk on the plank suspended high in the air.

You’re not afraid of heights? Is it as easy as it looks? Then try our Vertigo Walk and let’s see how you go,  we do warn you though, nothing is as it seems…..

Discover the Vertigo Walk

You can travel through a haunted mine on board a wooden mine cart.

Seems like a harmless miners wagon, so why do you need a pistol? Put on the headset and start your journey in the haunted mine. You will find out for yourself who you need to shoot!

Discover the Ghost Town Mine Ride

You can enjoy first person 3D films.

You have probably tried other 4D Cinemas but not like ours. Vibration, movement and atmospheric effects that will have you wanting to watch one film after the other!

Discover the XD Cinema

You can organise birthday parties and private events

You can organise your birthday party or that of your child. Choose from one of our packages or if you have a budget in mind we can create a personalised event for you.


You can organise a private party and reserve the Party Zone for your exclusive use; you and your friends or colleagues will have unlimited access to all of the attractions.



For young and old

Many games for adults and also for the younger players

Arizona Sunhine VR

Gioco VR Multiplayer Arizona-Sunshine-Giochi-realta-virtuale-Transfinity-Virtual-Reality-Arcade-Lugano-Switzerland

Hunt for zombies, alone or with your friends

Fruit Ninja VR

Your kids probably play this on their iPad

Many other games await you in our VR Station

Book your first VR experience